Tattoo Community Revels in Freedom of Expression Ruling

After four years of battling a Key West ordinance that prevented our owner Brad Buehrle from opening a second tattoo shop, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of  protecting tattooing under the First Amendment. This case sets the precedent that tattooing is a protected form of artistic expression that cannot so easily be discriminated against by local governments. We are ecstatic to be a part of this monumental ruling that will hopefully protect tattooists and their businesses from outdated stereotypes and social intolerance. Furthermore, we are hopeful that protecting tattooing as a form of artistic expression will lead to greater acceptance of tattoos in the workplace. As the craft of tattooing becomes more mainstream and accessible to people from different walks of life, we are excited to see how this decision effects the future of the industry.

As we celebrate this victory we must take a moment to reflect on all of the tattoo and piercing enthusiasts that have kept our doors open over the years. Thank you to all of the clients who have supported us! While Key West may have attempted to shut us out, we cannot be more thrilled with how vibrant, creative, and accepting our Richmond home continues to be. We have been able to expand our shop twice since opening in 2003 and are now 13 tattoo artists strong. We look forward to improving our shop Richmond shop for our customers even more in the coming years and can’t wait to see how we can grow in other ways. In 2016 look for more shop renovations, new guest artists, and a convention schedule detailing the travels of some of our resident artists.

Please share the news of this court case to raise awareness for the imminent changes that will be impacting the tattoo community!


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